It is not beyond our power to create a world in which all children have access to a good education – Nelson Mandela

My experience, my exposure and my travels around the world, has made me realize that every child is unique not because of his ability but his access to education. So I believe that an access to education is an access to opportunity and an access to love.

The Constitution of India provides right to education to all children in the age group of six to fourteen years. To make this a reality, at St. Gregorios, we strive to give the best education with the best facilities. Being connected to a great mission, we do our paramount to reach out to people from every walks of life.

When education is available to everyone without any dissimilarity, there will be no limit to human potential in our society. To achieve this, we lend helping hands to educate as many children as possible including the ones who face social or financial problems. As we all know, investing in girls’ education helps in eradicating poverty and in delaying early marriage. The booming economy in India is in need of more women entrepreneurs, engineers and doctors to prosper and sustain growth. At St. Gregorios, we strive to create individuals who will promote prosperity and sustenance of the country.

I would like to conclude by quoting Michelangelo, the great sculptor: “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” With this thought in mind, we dedicate ourselves to the timeless pursuit of carving and shaping every child’s future who come to us.

Rev Fr Jose V Mathew (Chemmun)


“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating.Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family” – Kofi Annan

As the Principal of the school, I consider it as a blessing to be a part of this prestigious institutionwhich has a legacy of more than four decades. I find it endearing when the parents walk into my room and narrate to me the anecdotes of the time when they were the students of the school. The pride that I see in their eyes resonates in my heart and it urges me to take the flag of St. Gregorios to a greater height.

We at SGSSS aim at liberating students and motivate them to make progress a habit. Thus their holistic development becomes an unstoppable one. The motto of our school- ‘Love Lighteth Learning’ highlights the value that we uphold. We paint the minds and thoughts of children with subtle strokes of compassion, aptitude, integrity and esteem. A spark is lit in every child to do their best in everything.

Every child is born with a set of specific qualities, aptitude, thoughts, and creativity. But all these are worthless if not guided by proper education. We do not overwhelm a child with knowledge but we instill in them the possibilities to invent and discover. Every year, we proudly witness a group of children who once walked in as timid ones, walking out as confident young adults.

I believe that every child we encounter is a divine appointment. Hence, my team and I endeavor to help every child reach the pinnacle of competence and develop in them the skills required to overcome the challenges put forth by life.

Mrs. Shubha Jose

The Leadership Team