Training workshop of Pre-Primary Teachers'

The pre-primary teachers of our school attended a one-day training workshop on the topic of “Activities-Based Learning for Pre-Primary Teachers” at Central Academy School in Udaipur on December 02,2023.

Training Program on 'English Teaching'

St. Gregorios Sr. Sec. School organized a one-day training workshop on Saturday, December 2nd, 2023, focusing on the subject of English language teaching.

Academic Coordinator Ashish Agrawal welcomed the attending guests with a bouquet.

Principal Shubha Josh chaired the event, welcoming guests and highlighting the significance of this workshop for the structured development outlined in the new education policy.

Dr. Sonali Bhattacharya, the master trainer, and subject expert, conducted the training, focusing particularly on effective teaching methods, the integration of new approaches, and 21st-century communication-transmission skills. She extensively discussed key points necessary for sustained development.

Around 75 English teachers from different CBSE schools in the Udaipur district participated in this program, gaining valuable insights.

This event was facilitated by Oxford University Press. The Chief Regional Officer, Vivek Kumar Sharma, and Manish Tiwari were present at the program.

The coordinators of the event were Ashish Agrawal and Anita Kurian, with Monica Jain overseeing the proceedings. Monica Vaishnav concluded the event, expressing gratitude.

Children's Day Celebration 2023-24

Children’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at St. Gregorios Senior Secondary School on 08th of November,2023.

The program was presided over by Principal Shubha Jose. In her address, she fondly remembered the first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, highlighting the trend of children advancing with imagination, positivity, and empathy. She extended her best wishes for Children’s Day.

The teachers organized a special prayer assembly for the children.

They presented captivating performances – beloved songs, enlightening quizzes, speeches, traditional dances, group songs, poetry recitations, and more, bringing much joy to the present students.

At the end of the program, Head Boy Vansh Gehlot expressed his gratitude.


In a series of cultural exchange programme in St. Gregorios Senior Secondary School Udaipur; a delegate of 40 students along with the School Manager and Principal of St. Gregorios Mulakuzha (Kerala) had a stay in our school.

The guest School Manager Mr.J.Abraham ,Principal Annie Susan Cherian and the team were welcomed by the School Principal Ms.Shubha Jose and Vice Principal In charge Mr. Anil Goswami.

In his welcome address, he described the usefulness of such programmes as essential for the cultural coordination ,for knowing and understanding of our country.

Group songs, Group dance, Vanchi pattu ,Kashmiri dance etc.were presented in the programme.

Event coordinator Mr.Sabu Cherian expressed his gratitude with the promise to continue the sequence of cultural exchange.

Diwali Sneh Milan was also organised in the school. The beautiful tableau of the coronation of Shri Ram captivated everyone.

Blue Day Celebration

The event was celebrated by the pre-primary classes in which the children were dressed up in blue outfits and carried items which were blue in color. Some were dressed as clouds, some as water droplets and some as dolphins. The event was to create an aesthetic sense for ‘blue colour’ and its relation to nature. They were also made aware of the importance of saving water.


Latest Events & Celebration

The entire programme was hosted by Vice Principal Ms. Shubha Jose, she welcomed the dignitaries and briefed the gathering about the life history of the mythical King Mahabali. Her introduction about King Mahabali was a prelude about the skit which was performed by the students. The skit was the main the attraction of the entire programme and the students were prepared by Mr. Sabu Cherian and team. Boat race, Group Dance and Group Songs were part of the skit. Uriyadi (breaking the pot) and Tug of war Games were also conducted to mark the festival. The games were organized by Mr. Abhishek Anthony. The compering of the entire programme was done by Chavi Kalra and Vansh Gehlot.

Latest Events

Onam Celebration

Onam festival, the festival of Kerela which is celebrated in remembrance of the good governance under the rule of Mahabali, a mythical king who ruled Kerala was celebrated in the school on September 08. The celebrations began with the lighting of the lamp and chanting of joyous trills of the shlok. The students of class IX conducted the assembly and sang the prayers. The scintillating speech on Onam Festival was delivered by Anushka Tuli.






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