ST. GREGORIOS ORTHODOX CHURCH SOCIETY (SGOCS), UDAIPUR (REG.NO.51/80-81) is a charitable and non- profitable establishment. This Society was established on 28 November 1979 and is registered under Rajasthan Society Registration Act 1958. This society is named after the first canonized Christian saint from India, Saint Geevarghese Mor Gregorios of Parumala, Kerala. St. Gregorios believed that education plays a vital role in fostering truth, morality, solidarity and mutual respect and thus SGOCS upholds education as its prime responsibility and runs academies like St. Gregorios Senior Secondary School. 


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The main objective of SGOCS is to provide, establish and manage schools and other educational institutions.

It also caters to projects such as centers of medical assistance, orphanages, charitable institutions, old age homes and medical research centers anywhere in India. For this purpose, it may start, establish, conduct, maintain and manage reading rooms, libraries, publishing houses, hostels, residential quarters and the like. It also aims to do all acts necessary for or conducive to the promotion of education through the schools of Montessori, Kindergarten, primary, secondary and senior secondary education. By developing an efficient and effective infrastructure across the society, SGOCS enables institutions to focus on their core purpose of providing an exceptional service. By focusing on education, SGOCS not only opens the doors of opportunity to many but also fulfils our mission as educators. We do our best to paint the life of young people with what is good, beautiful and true.


St. Gregorios Sr. Sec. School
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St. Gregorios Sr. Sec. School

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